Welcome, Sweet Little Plum

I got a sweet phone call this week that reminded me how blessed I am.  (I sent Ms. Grumpy Pants on her way.)

You see, my husband and I are going to be grandparents for the first time in Feb. 2016.  And a few days ago, for the first time, our son and his wife heard the heartbeat of their tiny creation, who is the size of a plum. A sugar plum, for sure, because a baby's heartbeat is the sweetest sound ever.  And our son called to tell me about it.

Isn't it amazing that even though crazy people are running for president, and computers die for no good reason, and head colds keep you up half the night...oh, here springs up new life, pure and unscarred, and warm and cozy in mama's belly? What an encouraging message from God to his children: Yeah, you guys are making a mess of some things down there, but you're only human, after all, and you're lovable anyway, so just keep doing the best you can. I'm with you. I'll help you. And just to keep the awe and wonder going...babies!

It's true, right? Nothing softens an anxious, or unhappy, or angry heart like a newborn. Just wrap 'em up like a burrito and rock 'em while they doze off.  Sniff their downy little heads and doze off yourself. Nothing like it.

Already, I have some things I want our grand baby plum to know. So, I'm going to write this child of God a series of letters, starting with this one. 

Hello precious. This is your Grandma. ('m not crazy about that name. Maybe you and I will come up with another one.) We are going to be buddies. I'm excited to see your beautiful face and snuggle you close to my heart. I'll try to share you with your Grandpa, but I'm not making any promises.  Here are some things I want you to know:

1.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made by God. He is forming you minute by minute and placing in you many gifts to share with the world.  You will be an awesome addition to the planet. 

2. Your mom and dad are already in love with you. They are preparing a cozy home for you with soft blankets and tiny Onsies and some Pooh bears. They're not going to know what they're doing when you first come home, but no one is going to love you more, so be patient. They'll get the hang of it.

3.  I'm praying for you every day. And I will pray with you once you appear. Because there will be days when life gets difficult for you (like when you're two,) and we'll all want God on our side. 

4.  I will pray for you for the rest of my life. Because there will be days when you think you're the Boss (like when you're seventeen), and God will remind you that, no, you're really not, and that might be painful. 

5.  I'm so excited to introduce you to three of my favorite things: your great-great-grandma Nellie's sugar cookies, Dr. Seuss, and Billy Joel. 

That's probably enough for now, as you are so tiny and sleeping most of the time. I'll write more as we grow together. I've never been a Grandma before, and you've never been a grandchild, so we are going to create this new adventure together. 

Sweet dreams, my little plum.

My life is about to change forever.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

New life is a blessing and becoming a grandmother is wonderful. I like the idea of your letters to you grandchild.

Jerralea said...

As a first time grandma myself, I totally agree: Your life is about to change forever. I can't even totally describe how different it will be. Your letter to your sweet grandie expressed a lot of my feelings I have for mine as well.

You are going to be a fantastic grandma!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Isn't it wonderful that we can hear a baby's heartbeat long before they are born, when it was only 50 years ago that only the doctor or midwife could hear the heartbeat, then of course there is the whole wonderful ultrasound that can now be in 3d

Mari said...

Yay!!!! Congratulations!
Yes - your life is going to change - what a blessing!

Andrea said...

How wonderfully exciting!

Rebecca Jo said...

This just makes me smile. We have 3 grandsons, one "Grandbuddy" & one on the way. Always such a blessing to think of the way God 'knit us in the womb'... such delicate details. All while the whole world carries on.

Kate said...

Babies are truly God's miracles, a reminder of what goes right in this world. So excited for you! A lovely idea, the letters, and so sweet.