A (2nd) Letter to My Pre-born Grandchild

Dear grandbaby,

Your mama told me a few days ago you are about the size of a peach right now. All your parts are in place, head to toe. I like to envision God forming you with massive, but gentle hands. He is a big, big God, and you are one of his tiniest, newest creations.

It's amazing to me and your grandpa that you are already fully known by your Creator. He has fashioned you piece by piece, the way your daddy used to build things with Legos. With much concentration, your father would spend hours building trucks and spaceships and people with Legos, searching for the right block to snap into place. He loved all his little creations and protected them by placing them in safe places in his room. They were special because he made them. God feels the same way about you.

Already, God knows if you will like macaroni and cheese or not. He knows if you will prefer Elsa over Cinderella, or Batman over Superman. He knows if you will have an ear for music, or a love of reading. He knows if, when your daddy swings you high above his head, you will giggle or cry. He knows if you have beautiful curly hair like your mama. He knows if you are ticklish. He knows all about you. We are waiting to discover these things, but God already knows. He's so lucky.

I pray you are comfortable in your mama's belly. She's doing a great job keeping you safe and healthy. She's learning all she can about growing a baby and being a mother. With every passing week, both of you are getting to know one another better and are becoming more attached in a sacred way.

She will be so happy when you arrive. You'll probably cry, because that's what babies do when they are born, and she might cry too, because delivering a baby is emotional for everyone involved, but when you first meet, she will snuggle you close and look into your squished up little face, and you will think, "so this is Mom. Hi, there." And you'll begin to smile every time you see her, because you will know her heartbeat and her aroma and her love for you.

It's a very exciting time, waiting to meet you. It's also very encouraging and lovely to know that God already has.

Love, your grandma, Nana, Mimi, whatever (still working on that title.)

p.s. here are pictures of your parents when they were fairly newly created. This gives us a hint of what you might look like. So fun to imagine!!




Mari said...

So sweet! This will be wonderful to give that baby when he/she gets older.

Brenda said...

So well written. I can tell you are bursting with joy!

Kate said...

So sweet!

Jerralea said...

So touching! I'm sure one day your little grandie will enjoy reading your words.