Trump, Planned Parenthood, and Other Difficulities

I've tried for a week now to write a post, but crummy stuff kept happening that made me think, I can't write about that, so I wrote nothing. I finally decided I'm going to write a grumpy post, because sometimes life just makes me grumpy. And I need to get it out. I'm betting you've been there too.

If all you want today is sunshine and giggles, this is not the post for you. Feel free to click to facebook. I won't mind.

1. I've had a heck of a head cold this week. At times, it has felt like Strep, and then bronchitis, and then a sinus infection. I'm on day 9, and I still can't shift the mucus in my head. That's probably too much information, but, as I said...grumpy post.

2. Donald Trump. I get why the guy is popular, I do. He says what he thinks. What you see is what you get. We don't get that with many politicians. But, seriously...the guy is not a statesman. If America allows him to get as far as the Oval Office, I will be extremely concerned. And awfully grumpy.

3. My portable hard drive died this week.  Quietly, with no warning, it simply stopped working. All my writing, all my photographs for the past five years - buried in a cold, black, plastic rectangle the size of half a sandwich. I was in denial about it for two days, just kept plugging it in, thinking it would work. We even put it in the freezer (some online advice) after which it flickered a bit. This gave me tremendous hope, but then....it loaded nothing. Even with being plugged in all night, the little wheel just kept turning and getting nowhere. I mailed it to my brilliant nephew, Jim, who is an IT specialist, in the hopes that he can work a miracle.  If nothing can be retrieved....I don't even know. I'll be in mourning for awhile.

4. My mom does not seem to be returning to the woman she was two months ago. After a fall and six weeks of various treatments for various issues, she's lost some of her interest in life. She's become fixated on a few things, she prefers to just stay in her room, she wants to sleep a lot, seems withdrawn. She's told me she's ready for heaven, and she seems to be just waiting for Jesus to come get her. I know passing from this life will bring her peace, but I really can't imagine my life without her.  This makes me more sad than grumpy.

5. The Planned Parenthood videos. They are horrific. The worst one I've seen shows bloody, fetal remains. Selling body parts is barbaric, yes, but I have to say, are we not being enlightened about the realities of abortion? We must be BRAVE and WATCH the videos. I know it's hard, because then we have to take responsibility for what we've seen. We need to start doing that too.

6. I'm really missing a friend who moved away a few months ago. We used to walk once a week and vent about our lives and pray about our families and laugh about life's absurdities. I think about her every Friday and talk to her in my head, but it's just not the same.

A heavy couple of weeks.

Some good things happened too, I must tell you:

1. A dear blogger friend, Robyn Campbell, reviewed my ebook (you can see that here: 12 DAYS REVIEW)

2. Our first grandchild is growing along very well. It's now the size of a plum.

3.  My daughter and husband both skydived for the first time and landed safely to say they would do it again in a heartbeat.

I know I have to put weeks like this into perspective. My head understands this. It's just so darn full of mucus right now.

My heart takes longer to to course correct. It likes to drag its sad, little face around and whine. Sometimes, eating chocolate covered graham crackers and listening to a whiny heart is just easier.

I'll snap back in a few days. In the meantime, thanks for listening.


Susan H said...

Summer colds are the worst! I hope you feel better soon.

Mari said...

I think it's only normal to be down with all of that. I'm sorry...
I'm concerned about Trump too, and Planned Parenthood is just horrific.

Christine said...

I am so sorry you are feeling poorly and grumpy. I haven't had mucus, but I've been feeling many of the same types of things. So much to make me just sad and not myself. I will be praying for your mom and you.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

They say we have to have the rain, if we want rainbows and sounds like they rainy season in you life right now. Remember this too shall pass. We just have to take each day as it comes and make the most of it.

Robyn Campbell said...

Awww. Grumpy is my middle name these days. *wink* *wink* I do too have to answer you. And I will. Today. Christopher's doctor has tried to get in touch with me for a week. We keep missing each other. UGG. So now I'm getting grumpy. Why I'm the grumpiest woman alive. Hmm. Could be developed into a picture book. :-) I hope your cold is getting better. PPH sucks. Those folks are evil. And another video just came out. Feel better. How are your computer issues? You NEED a backup. Email everything to yourself and install Dropbox. xoxoxo

Jerralea said...

Thanks for the courage to post grumpy. I may join you soon.

I cannot understand how PPH can go on ...

Michelle said...

I hope getting it out helps! I completely understand why you feel negative! I have some of those blues myself!