Winners! (and losers)

Two weeks ago, I posted a "camera dump" quiz involving pictures I was excited to take and then forgot about for a month.   I emptied the camera and created a tremendously difficult quiz where the top five winners would receive one of these homemade potholder towels.

I was shocked that every entrant had all the correct answers.   Ballpark fans are brilliant.  If you missed the quiz, check it out here:  Camera Dump Quiz.

I shuffled the names of all the entrants in a Tupperware bowl and drew out these five:

Aneta at Rabbit Trails

Congrats, ladies!  Thank you for playing.  Your fine gifts from the Ballpark will be in the mail shortly! 

My brother, the ex-clown, was disappointed to hear that he didn't win.  He was the first entry, and all his answers were correct.  Subsequent entries were also correct, so he claims everyone simply copied his answers, and he should be awarded a prize.  

When I showed him the prizes, he made a face and said he didn't really want a potholder towel.  He thought a cherry pie would be more appropriate.  

He likes to enter my quizzes and actually won the first one.  (Click here for that brain teaser: Fancy-Pants Giveaway).  But, he wasn't crazy about the prize - $35 worth of coupons at Coldwater Creek.   

So, I offered to treat him to his favorite fish sandwich.  Sadly, that restaurant had closed.  I ended up baking him a cherry pie, which he loved.  

I've created a monster. 

I told him if he doesn't like the prizes, don't take the quiz.  Oh, but he loves to win.  He just wants better prizes.  Or pie.  

He's a really good brother for an ex-clown, so I tolerate his competitive/whiny side.  

I guess for my next quiz, I'll have to give away a power tool.  Or a pie.


Dana said...

LOL Your brother sounds awesome!

Congrats to the winners. :)

Rita said...

OMG! That is so funny about your brother--but please tell him--no power tools!
I am so excited to get my potholder towel. And handmade by you! What could be better!! I do feel like the stars are aligned lately. Thanks so much, Mare! :):)

Marie said...

Congrats to the winners!
Your brother sounds so funny! A man with a great sense of humor is the best!

Melanie said...

I love the prizes! I wish I had 'met' you sooner. But my sister is Fuuny in My Mind, so maybe I will steal hers! Oh, and I wanted to be your 100th follower, but only came in 99th. Dang.

betty said...

congrats to all the winners!! Your brother sounds like a gem of a guy!


Lynn Proctor said...

those towels are adorable!!

Aneta said...

I'm REALLY excited about winning one of these! Can't wait! Thanks so much! :) My husband laughs at me when I tell him about things I've won from bloggers (like awards and pot holders!). I think he's just jealous! ;)

Darlene said...

Love the potholder towels.Cherry pie sounds like a great alternative prize.

Brenda said...

Aw man! I missed this one! see what happens when I don't check in regularly?

Fran@Broken Cookies Don't Count said...

"My brother the ex-clown" I love it! They are adorable towels. I think you should sell them on your blog. Probably more work than you want to do. So cute though, sorry I missed the contest!