Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a blessed Christmas weekend! 

My prayer for all who visit this blog of my heart is this:

1.  That the Christ child will touch your heart in a new and profound way this season.

2.  That you will have peace in your family.  If that is not attainable, then God's peace in your heart about what you cannot control.

3.  That jobs will come to those who need them.

4.  That those who are ill will find healing.

5.  That those who must work on Christmas day will receive many 'bless yous' from those they help.

6.  That whatever material gift we're given, we remember the real gift is in the thought behind it.

7.  That all travelers will be safe.

8.  That nobody slices a finger carving the roast beast.

9.  That no fruitcakes pass your doorstep. 

10.  That there's enough pie to go around.

Wise men still seek Him.


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