What's the Story?

I posted some beautiful photographs a few days ago by Laura Yang.  They follow a couple through an afternoon in and around a small, college town in the South.   

The woman has dark, flowing curls and porcelain skin.   

The man is tall and dark and pleased with himself.

I think they're striking and adorable.

Because my house is in disarray, and I haven't figured out my new camera yet, I'm taking a creative break to imagine the story of Ms. Tendrils and Mr. Suspenders.  

They met in 1949.   She came from money.  He worked his way up the family business, which is foreign imports.   With a shady aspect.  Which he won't discuss.

She finds this intriguing, but doesn't press it.  She loves him and hopes for an ivy-covered cottage in the country where she can escape social expectations.  She wants a vegetable garden and babies. 

He has a diamond ring in his pocket.   


They eloped because both come from working class families, and they wanted to spare their families the expense.  She works in a bank, and he's a struggling writer.  She hates her job, but it brings in some money.  He loves to write, but can't make a dime.  They take modeling assignments to pay the bills.  The dress she's wearing belonged to her grandmother.  

 What do you think?

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