Holiday Blessings

I was blessed in two beautiful ways today.  Two glorious, Christmasy ways.

Miss Curly-cute and her parents came over today for a cookie bake.   Miss Curly-cute's mama wanted to experience our sugar cookie-baking tradition, and her hubby was off, so he came too.   It was messy and flour-y and sweet and jolly-ful. 

You just can't beat an apron-wrapped, three-year old decorating with sprinkles and red-hots.  

Dear, Lord.  I keep chuckling. 

Mama helped a bit with these. 

The other blessing today - I entered a "win a turkey" contest through THAT COUPON LADY earlier this week.   And I won!

I had entered on behalf of the Humes family, our church friends who are featured in this 3-minute clip:  DAVID HUMES.

We delivered the turkey this evening.  David and Joanna and their three girls were very grateful for the turkey (a small ham and some other groceries were also included.)

On her own, the coupon lady contacted a friend in the medical field, who in turn donated over 400 dollars worth of medical supplies to David.  We had a wonderful, somewhat teary-eyed visit.

The coupon lady's sweet son, the coupon lady, David and Joanna

I can't imagine a better way to spend the eve of Christmas Eve.   It was so rewarding and fun to simply give.

The giving continues until December 31.  The "12 for 12" Project will put a little extra cash into the Humes' coffers.  If you'd like to contribute, this post will tell you how: "12 for 12".  Thanks to all who have contributed so far!!

I'm going to go have a cookie now.

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