The Tall & The Small

I saw the coolest thing today.

I was face to face with a giraffe.

She was munching some sweet potato stars that were hanging on a branch three feet from me.

It was breakfast time at the zoo.

She sauntered out with her family a little after ten this morning.   She had a new baby, which the zoo was naming today.

My daughter and I went to celebrate the event with Miss Curly-cute and her mama.   Here's Miss Curly-cute awaiting the event.

The name of the baby giraffe was determined by which branch the mama giraffe chose to eat from first.  Three branches were decorated with treats and a name.  The branch closest to us was chosen, thus the baby giraffe's name is Zainabu.

If we had chosen names for our children based on my food choices after giving birth, they might have been named Hershey.  Or Meatball.

Papa giraffe loped around proudly, keeping an eye on his brood.

He was massive, with precise puzzle-piece markings.  We felt like peanuts in comparison.

Giraffes are fascinating to me.  Their coats are so vivid and beautiful.  Their square bodies and column heads are supported on these spindly legs.  With knees that fold backwards.  

And their tongues are black. 

They posed for us a lot today.  So gracious of them.

Miss Curly-cute posed too.

All God's creatures like to be noticed.

At one point, the sun streamed through the trees while mama was nuzzling her youngin'. 

Rainbow light pointing out new life.

It reminded me of starlight pointing out new life two thousand years ago.

Animals were involved then, too.  Sheep and probably a camel or two.   A donkey.   Maybe some chickens.  

I'm grateful the world is full of strange and interesting creatures.  

Some are stranger than others.

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