I've often heard that earthly fathers are our first impression of what God is like.

If we have a devoted, loving dad, it's easier to accept a benevolent, personal, divine creator.

If our dad is aloof, or abusive, or absent, it's more difficult to believe in a loving heavenly Father.

I imagine this is true.  Not that we can't experience the loving God despite whatever parenting we've had.  The discovery just might take longer.

I have been blessed with a dad who made God appealing.   Watching my father's devotion to his faith and his family instilled in me a sense of  "I want that." 

I wanted the confidence and the joy and the steadfastness that my father exhibited in how he lived.

That, and he loved my mother.

Which is the other huge component that represents God.  Commitment.

I simply had a wonderful example.  Which, over time, I have come to appreciate more and more.

So today, I honor my dad.  I thank him for living with purpose and conviction. (And for all the late-night doughnut runs.)

I pray that my sons will be fathers of faith as well, because it is the only lasting gift you can give your children.

I love you, Dad.


Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Great just great you are lucky to have such a wonderful dad. I know the feeling as I also have a wonderful dad but I know many people are not as lucky as we are.........

notes4neta said...

That's very beautiful! And similar to my sentiments! So thankful for my earthly dad and my heavenly one, too!