Mom is finally on the mend from an avalanche of health issues that began in February.

Due to a compression fracture in L2 of her back, she will have a kyphoplasty on Thursday morning, hopefully the last of the procedures for a while.  (For a one-minute video of what that is, click here)

It's a fairly minor procedure, and from what we've heard, very successful.  Mom should be feeling better and back on a PT schedule by Monday.  YAY!!

One thing I've helped Mom with since she's been home from rehab is taking showers.  I have been surprised by what a tender, nurturing task this can be.

Mom is a tiny little thing, and under the shower spray, she's as slippery as a peeled, hard-boiled egg, so we have to be careful.  I'm always a little nervous until we shut off the water and she's back in the wheelchair, one thick towel under her backside and one wrapped around her shoulders.

I dry her tootsies while she dries everything else.     

We then slather on the Cetaphil, a luxurious body cream that feels like silk.  Once she's all slippery again, we slide on the PJs.  This is my favorite part.

Mom's PJs are either soft flannel, or jersey.  She has several pairs, blues and pinks and grays.

Sometimes the bottoms match the tops; sometimes they don't.  We use whatever spills out of her overstuffed lingerie drawer.

These flannel moon PJs are soft and well-worn.  Loose enough for Mom to manipulate.  Once she's in her PJs, it feels safe again.  She's warm and dry and encased in cozy fabric.

This moment always takes me back to the time when my youngins were toddlers.  After a warm bath, I'd dress them for bed.  Sometimes they'd wear a zip-up sleeper, sometimes two-piece snap pajamas.  Usually with cartoons or super-heroes on them.  They didn't always match either.

It was a sweet, comforting activity.  The day was over, the day's dirt was down the drain, and damp, wispy hair was sticking up all over.  Fluffy towels and soft clothing were involved.

Whatever had transpired that day, cleaning up and getting into fresh PJs softened and warmed the closing hours.

Mom's had a rough few months, and she loves to sit in the shower and let the hot water soothe her tired bones.  The snugly PJs hold in that cozy warmth and trigger the sleep switch.

A little more Cetaphil first, though.

Her orange key ring around her arm adds to the sleepwear ensemble.  

Once Mom's in her PJs and settled in her glider, I thank God that we've made it safely through another day.

If Dad is ready for bed and settled in his rocker as well, the cozy factor doubles.  With both of them PJ-ed, my heart is at ease when I leave for the night.   

No matter what age we are, PJs seem to bring out the calm and cuddly in all of us.

If presidents and kings wore PJs instead of executive garb, the world might be a better place. 


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Anonymous said...

I truly see it - O-bama in his P-jamas while chasing O-sama!!! Oh, Mama! Great post!