24 (minus Jack Bauer)

Mom underwent a kyphoplasty today (for a quick video of what that is, click here).

Under twilight anesthesia, she did well and was back home by 11 a.m. with a small ice pack wedged between her back and her glider.  She was having no pain.  (As I've remarked before, a drug-free life is over-rated.)

Mom might be sore tomorrow, but she should be able to stand comfortably and jump into physical therapy.  Well, maybe shuffle into therapy.  What a long time coming that has been.

Thanks again to the millions of health care providers who are skilled with needles and IVs and scalpels and sutures. I am so grateful there are people who are fascinated by that line of crucial, but icky, work.

The early morning hours were made sweeter by the presence of our wonderful daughter-in-law, C.A., who came for an overnight visit yesterday.

She got up with me at 5:30 this morning and helped get Mom to the hospital.  It was so nice to have a second pair of hands to carry bags and open doors for Mom's wheelchair. 

While Mom was having her procedure, C.A. and I read nearly five People magazines.

I learned that the only attendants at Reese Witherspoon's wedding were her young son and daughter (sweet), and that for "well-endowed" entertainers on Dancing with the Stars, dancers have corset-like brassieres sewn into their gowns (seems like a good idea.)

I skipped all the Casey Anthony news.  I live in Florida. 

By the time Mom was done, C.A. and I were fairly caught up on Hollywood.

Once Mom was settled at Southland, C.A. and I returned home and had some bagels and some blackberry cobbler we made at 10 p.m. last night.

It looks half gone here, but we didn't eat that much.  This picture was taken after dinner tonight when more had been consumed by all.  Really.

We thought we might get the cobbler baked earlier in the day, but we got caught up in making greeting cards, which C.A. and I both enjoy.  She brought all her fun supplies, and I felt like I was five again.

So many colorful papers and stickers and stamps to choose from.   Just a sample...

...and a couple finished products...

Thank you, C.A., for sharing all your cool toys!

The nicest surprise of C.A's visit occurred when I arrived home after dinner last night from helping Mom get ready for bed.

Upon entering my kitchen, I saw this....

Be still, my heart.

C.A. and my hubby washing the dishes.

Anybody who cleans up the kitchen gets a gold star in my book.  With blackberry cobbler and ice cream.  And anything else they want.  

I gave them both a smooch.

The only thing C.A. and I didn't get to during her visit was walking for some exercise.

But, we squeezed in a Matthew McConaughey movie.  I can't remember the title, or the other people in it, but you have the important information.

It was a Matthew McConaughey movie.  

It was a restorative, productive, enjoyable, creative, yummy, non-chaotic 24 hours.

And I love everyone who made this production possible.

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