I've decided God is a fan of roller-coasters.  With all the ups and downs in life (and all the screaming that accompanies the ride), His youngins - us - call on Him quite often. 

When something GREAT happens, we screech "Oh, my GOD!" 

Something tragic?  "Oh my God..." we moan.

Either way, we're reaching out to a greater force in gratitude or pain.   If the road was smooth and straight, we'd probably never talk to Him.

All the lurching forward and back, up and down...God hears from us.

We've had so many lurches the past four months...it felt like an episode of LOST:   Are we in the hospital now, or rehab?  Are we in the doctor's office for the humerus break, or the lung X-ray?  Which doc are we seeing today...the orthopod, or the cardiologist?  Which medicine is for what?  Am I calling Dr. R. about Mom or Dad?  What day is it?  What month is it?  How long have we been on this island?!  

Four months of a roller-coaster ride that started with a badly broken bone.  

Today...we're at the top of the hill, enjoying the view.

Mom got a great report from her orthopedic surgeon today.   Never have we been so happy to see sharp, pokey hardware under flesh.

This is Mom's not-so-humorous humerus.  As you can see, the head of the bone is now securely connected to shaft.  Three months ago, the "ice cream" had slipped off the "cone."  (That was the official diagnosis from the surgeon.) 

It's back in one piece, thanks to some skilled finger work and a device that looks like a mutant praying mantis with extra legs.   

Mom was given the all-clear today to do what she wants with her new bionic arm.  She'll start more aggressive OT this week.  Here she is with the PA who works with orthopod Dr. B. 

He's from Cuba and, and we can't understand half of what he says, but he's warm and kind and was very pleased with Mom's ROM (range of motion.)  He gave us the best news we've heard in four months.

Mom also got the staples removed from her head this morning.  Regarding hardware, it was a very good day.

Tomorrow Mom and Dad will celebrate their 61st wedding anniversary.   We'll bring them to our house for a pot roast dinner and thank God for the roller-coaster ride they've shared all these years.

A local florist brought them a bouquet of roses this week in honor of their anniversary.

I'm sure there's a dip in the ride coming up soon.   We are still awaiting two doctors appointments; one to have Mom's back evaluated; one to have her thyroid checked.

But for today...it's so nice to be at the top of the ride and breathe in the fresh air.

How sweet it is. 

Happy, blessed anniversary to the folks...

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