An Unhumorous Humerus (part 7)

Mom has been in the hospital for ten days.  

She has a broken humerus and a small crack in her pelvis.   She is also anemic, which has delayed her transfer to rehab, because her doc wants her hemoglibin hemoglobin higher before he releases her.

The humerus bone is stabilized and the pelvic crack won't keep her from walking (although it's painful); it's the hemaglobin (or hemo goblin, I call it, because it's giving us trouble) that is slowing her progress.  

Still, some positive steps today.  

PT Mike got Mom up today and "walked" her to the big chair to sit up for a while.  She took about six steps with a unique side-walker that will help her ambulate.  Here she is with her lunch.  

She's very excited about the food, as you can tell.  

She loved the fresh strawberries I brought her today from the county Strawberry Festival. 

The blood doctor stopped in to inform us that Mom would receive another transfusion today.  Mom felt much better after the first two, so she might feel like dancing tomorrow.   

Mom is going to have an ultrasound on her arm today, as there is a blood clot forming that they want to take a look at.  Seems not unusual with her type of injury; if deemed necessary, the doc will prescribe Cumadin to break it up.  Nobody seems worried about it.  

Mom has some simple exercises she's been instructed to do while in bed, so we circled our ankles together, and rotated our wrists.   

She has a pink, memory foam square to squeeze that's fun to play with.  I'll get a snapshot tomorrow, as I know you're eager to see it.  Taking pictures keeps us busy while we wait for doctors to show up.  

Today, I checked Mom's once infected finger that landed us in the ER two weeks ago.  We've practically forgotten about the poor thing.  

It's looking better, but puffy again due to the broken bones in the same arm.  Can you tell which finger it is?

Good job!

OK, more tomorrow.
We all continue to appreciate prayers and good wishes that are sent our way. 

Some days are better than others, but we try to laugh every day.   



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