THE Hemoglobin GOBLIN

Hemoblobin Hemoglobin is a word I've heard an awfully lot this week. 

Mom's hemoblogin hemoglobin has been up and down for ten days.  It's been as problematic as it is to type.  I'm dubbing it HG from here on.  

Mom's HG was down again over the weekend - 8.1.  After a transfusion yesterday, it was up to 9.6.  This is great, and we're hoping this number will hold.  If it does, Mom can move to rehab.  

The problem is...the effect of the transfusions, so far, has been temporary.  The initial effect is positive, but within a few days, the number drops again.

The wonderful Dr. R. explained to mom tonight that he suspects there is some bleeding in the colon.   A colonoscopy is not possible at this time, due to the fractures Mom has sustained, but as soon as she has healed enough, they will do one. 

Mom is being given iron (which will take a few months to build up) and Dr. R. is consulting with the hematologist to see what other options are available.  She may periodically need a transfusion.  We are hoping this will not keep her from moving to rehab.

We need to wait another day or two to see if the 9.6 holds (insert prayers here.)

In the meantime, Mom is getting PT in her room.  She's getting OT as well, with exercises and working the pink sponge...

Look at the determination on that face. 

Mom also got to talk to grandchild Sara today.  Which is kind of a miracle, because:

1. Normally the phone is out of Mom's reach, so she can't answer it; today, I was there when the call came in. 

2. While I was greeting Sara, Mom had time to take her hearing aid out.  "I have to take it out, so I can hear," she said.  Which I don't understand, but I don't ask.

3.  The connection was pretty good, which, in the hospital, is not always the case with long-distance.  

4.  I think Mom heard most of the conversation.  Sara reported to me later that she asked Mom if she had a transfusion today.  Mom replied, "Yes, they bring me communion every day."

5.  Sara got to talk to Dad as well, who was munching a brownie.  

Some things never change.

Off to bed.



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