An Unhumorous Humerus (part 6)

Day 7...

Mom got a new room today.  She moved down the hall to the not-needing-so-much-attention section.  This is both good and bad.

The positive is that Mom has stabilized, meaning no new issues have been discovered in the past 48 hours.  

The negative is that she's really sliding sideways in the bed, or her saline drip is empty before a nurse pops in.  Nothing life-threatening, just patience-building.  

God bless nurses everywhere.  I don't know how they do it.

Dr. R. (Mom's wonderful primary care physician) told us today that her iron level has dropped a bit again.  It's back in the 8's, which is not what he wants to see.  It needs to register in the 9's before she can be released to rehab.  

Dr. R. said they would prefer to wait until her pelvis crack is healed before doing a colonoscopy, but if the iron number does not climb, they will have to do one anyway.  They need to determine the cause of the chronic anemia.  (A slow bleed in the colon is likely the cause.)

My husband said she needs a couple of bacon burgers every day.  With a side of spinach.  

The hospital prefers an iron capsule.  OK, but she won't get Popeye muscles that way.  

So...we wait another day.  Dr. R. will be back tomorrow.  God bless that man.  I wonder if he ever sees his children.  

Mom was still fairly cheery today.   She's had a couple roommates come and go, and always prefers her own injuries/issues over theirs.  

These earth suits we walk around in are so fragile. 

Mom had a visitor today that she made her day.

After 48 hours apart, they were tickled to see each other...

And that's just about as sweet as it gets. 

Until next time...

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