An Unhumorous Humerus (part 5)

One week since Mom's fall, and we're finally getting a glimpse of what's to come.

First, some good news (and we're ready for some): the break in Mom's pelvis is a small one that will not need surgery, just gentle usage.  :-)  The physical therapists will know how to work with Mom to best facilitate healing. 

Secondly, Mom's blood count is coming up.  :-)

Third, the GI doc decided Mom could not endure a colonoscopy at this time, due to the pelvis break, but he did perform an upper GI endoscopy today, which was normal.  :-) 

Mom will stay in the hospital through the weekend, so they can keep an eye on her blood levels.  If they are still good on Monday, she will move to rehab.  

Here's the happy (but getting restless) patient after hearing the good reports.

Mom was up to sorting out some paperwork and rearranging her purse today.  I brought to her copies of recent emails with good wishes (thank you!)

She corrected two typos in my previous post (!), so I know the brain is humming along.  She seems 75 again.

We laughed a lot today.  

Mom dropped her toothpick in the sheets, and we chuckled about looking for a needle in a haystack, or a toothpick in the bed clothes.

We fiddled with the pillows, still trying to get Mom situated to where her neck is straight and her arm is bent, but she still ends up catawampus by the time I return from getting my M&Ms.  

I think the bed has a mind of its own. 

Across town, at hospital #2, Dad was released today.  He is now safely ensconced at Southland, snoozing away.  He's eager to visit his sweetheart tomorrow.  

It was a hectic, but very good day.  

There was one brief blip, when I went to the ground floor of hospital #2 to grab a snack.  I was stunned to find the cafe gone.   

After blinking a few times, I realized I was in hospital #1. 

Time for a nap.   

Lots of love,


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terri said...

Mare, may I send you a good supply of M&M's? Maybe that will help you remember which hospital you are visiting!
Mom looks great ~ I never COULD get those pillows to behave...