An Unhumorous Humerus (part 4)

What I learned today...

1.  At 6 a.m. you can get a right-outside-the-door parking spot at the hospital.  

2. The hospital corridors are bright, but quiet.  

3.  The pre-op ward is where all the action is.  (Here's one of my favorite patients waiting for minor surgery.)

4.  Hospitals offer colors of footwear...



5.  Dad's procedure went well.  Barring any complications, he should be back at Southland tomorrow. 

6.  X-rays revealed that Mom has a break in her pelvis.  :-(    This explains why she has trouble walking.  (I won't have any more details about this - size or location of break - until I catch a doctor.  I'm on the look-out.) 

7.  Mom had OT for her arm this afternoon.  She did well, but was sore after just a few minutes.  The therapist was gentle and sweet.  This made both the patient and her daughter feel better.  

8.  Mom has chosen a rehab center called Life Care Centers.  I pray she can get there soon.  

9.  No news yet on the cause of the anemia.  I pray we make some progress on that tomorrow, before the weekend, when nothing much happens.  

10.  As a family, we're acquiring too many hospital mug shots.  And we're confused about which way they go, and who wears what. 

I had a new picture taken today, because the old one looked like a sonogram.

And besides, I want Mom to see two smiling faces when I enter her room. 

Love to all who are reading and praying.  Mom's spirits are still pretty good.  

On my next visit to see her, I'm taking some Puffs and her gum stimulator.  She's excited to get those.  :-)


S. said...

Oh no! a broken pelvis?!?! what else!? Crazy nonsense. How can a woman with bionic hips break her pelvis? how do they fix that? is there bleeding? oy. what a mess. we'll keep her in prayer. this is not fun news. but thank you for the news. please keep me posted.

Marianne (Mare) Baker Ball said...

I'm blogging every day. Looks like the pelvis break is small. More tomorrow after i see doc. love you!