An Unhumorous Humerus (part 3)

Back at the ranch hospital...

I just tucked Mom into her mechanical bed for her 5th night in room 420.  

She was in good spirits today because the "bone man" removed her torso wrap, hot sling, and plastic splint that had encased her right arm since her arrival in the ER.  

A nurse washed her arm and lotion-ed it and got the circulation moving again.  

Here's the happy patient with her son-in-law and a green and purple arm.

The break is lower than originally thought.  You can almost see it, can't you?

Updates from the docs today:

Cardiologist said Mom's heart is good for a "90-year old, blessed woman."   How sweet.  MRI also came back normal. 

Orthopod reiterated that humerus surgery (meaning, the surgeon chuckles while he operates.  I can't help it) is not planned, but that PT is the best course for Mom at this point.  She had two sessions today, with the primary focus on getting her up, as her legs are very weak.  

Primary care doc ordered x-rays to rule out a spine issue, just wanting to look at all possibilities for the weak legs.  The humerus is not connected to the femur, so it's a bit of a puzzle. 

He also said Mom's blood counts are still low, so they are wondering if she's had a slow bleed over the past month or two.  They are consulting with a GI doc to see about scheduling a colonoscopy.  

Mom is now voicing that she has felt lethargic since her bronchitis about six weeks ago.  The plot thickens.  

Mom moved up to solid food today, as opposed to the Jello and soup diet she's had since the morphine wreaked havoc on her stomach.  She's learning to eat and check her fine hairdo in the mirror with her left hand.   

The phone in Mom's room is tricky for her to use, and with only one hand, she can't get her hearing aids in fully, so it's best to send cards/letters to her assisted living facility, and I'll take them to her.  She and Dad both enjoy getting mail.  

Here's the first thing you see when you enter Mom's room, and the last thing you see when you leave...   

The sticky dots aren't in the right place, but they're cozy.  Makes me sleepy just looking at 'em.



Mary B said...

Thanks for the updates Mare, and making them humorous, "a cheerful heart is good medicine."
That is one awful looking battle wound! Praying that they find the mysterious underlying causes for her low blood count. We are praying when is the best time to come down. Please let Phil know your thoughts about this. Hoping you are getting as much rest as you can dealing with Pops and Mom. With love and prayers.

S. said...

She looks like her dad more and more, no? What a colorful and REALLY swollen arm! Poor lady! Know that my prayers are with you and the G-rents today, as always.

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Anonymous said...

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