An Unhumorous Humerus (part 2)

Mom has been in the hospital for three days.  

Due to a fall, she has a broken, right humerus, a left arm sporting some tubes/hospital bracelets, and some colorful bruises.  

Here is her shoulder before the techs splinted her arm and strapped her into a gray cummerbund... 

Here is her good arm...

She has on a different snappy gown every time we see her, and pillows that occasionally need to be re-finagled, because she has a tendency to slide sideways.  

She's eating jello and soup, which is wonderful.  For two days, she couldn't eat anything, because her tummy rejected everything.  It didn't like morphine.

I wanted to hug her, but she was sore and wrapped up and wired.  So I just kissed the top of her head.

Last night, we saw her family doc, who gave us encouraging news.  

Mom was given two pints of blood yesterday to help eliminate her anemia, and her kidney function is improving due to getting fluids.  The extra blood must have gone straight to her face, because she's not the color of a kiwi anymore.  (She was a little kiwi-esque in the ER.)  

Here she is with Terri, who leaves today.  :-(  

Surgery for Mom's broken bone is not planned at this time because of Mom's age (90) and fragile state.  They do believe her not-so-humorous humerus will heal on its own, even though it will take awhile.  

She will remain in the hospital for 2-3 more days for tests (to rule out any other issues), then she will move to rehab.  

She's been in rehab before (for hip and knee replacements), and she always graduates at the top of her class, so I believe she will put all she has into this new adventure as well.  

Dad is a bit lost without mom, but seems to be doing OK.  At Southland (the ALF), he's content to nap and play Bingo.  I check in with him daily. 

Here's the Bingo bucket Terri created for him and the Bingo crowd at Southland...  

Here's a picture of the seagull that posed for a picture while Terri and I were briefly at the beach earlier this week... 

His name is Bingo.  I asked him.  What a coincidence. 

Will keep you posted on Mom.  Thanks so much for the prayers.  They are what sustain us.

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