Sweet Somethings

It's been just over a month since Mom fell.   

The unhumorous humerus, the anemia, and the bronchitis knocked her for a loop.

Some days, she looked tiny and frail.  Other days, if not for her sling, you wouldn't know she'd been hospitalized, and is now rehabbing.

Some days were filled with uncertainty; some were simply sad.  Such days are part of a fully-lived life. 

Just this past week, however, there were sweet nuggets nestled amidst the upheaval....

1.  A five-day visit from brother and former professional clown, Phil.  (Delightfully, many clown traits remain.)

2.  A salmon / pork roast dinner with family.

3.  A new cookie recipe from a sweetheart niece who lives on the other side of the planet, Washington state.

4.  A beautiful card from the former clown, which included a gift card to my favorite fish joint.

5.  A personal phone call from Dr. J., Mom's cardiologist.  I have never received a phone call from a physician in my entire life.  (It's always a nurse, a secretary, or a robot.)

6.  A couple facebook chats with our almost-nun daughter in NJ.  Always wonderful.

7.  A beautiful card from the clown's wife, my sweet sister-in-law, who is my soul-mate caretaker, as she is helping her folks the way I'm helping mine. 

8.  My hubby's new (to us) car that he purchased from a woman who lives in the ALF my folks are in.  He suggested I post a picture...

...and a few details: 2007, Buick Lacrosse with 19 thousand miles.  I have no idea what any of that means, other than it's 4 years old.  

9.  My hubby's old car sold on Craig's list in 24 hours.  For our asking price.  Unbelievable.  

10.  Two more mini roses appeared this week...

This rose bush amazes me.  We do nothing with it, walk on it half the time, and still...it blooms

11.  Dr. R. spending almost an hour with us on Friday, going over some of Mom's concerns.  God bless that man.  

12.  And - our younger son is driving in for a day visit this coming Wednesday.  Here he is in college, six years ago...


Oh, my.  A curly-cue, history major who could be Josh Groban's cousin.

I love old pictures.

Thank you so much, clown brother, nurse Mary, baker-niece, youngins, and doctors for all the kindnesses.  

And thanks be to God for the trouble-free car switcheroos (which never happens), and hearty pink roses that keep popping up.

"Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above..."                                                               James 1:17


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