March Madness (Mom's rehab - part 5)

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor...

I'm channeling Mister Rogers because it's gorgeous outside today.  Clear skies, mid-80's, very breezy.  (Enough to flip up your skirt, if you're not careful.) 

So lovely.  March is the best month to live in (or visit) Florida. 

While visiting Mom today (with her friend Patti), we sat outside on the patio to enjoy the March breeze.  

We didn't stay long because Mom was tired. 

We talked about my conversation with Mom's cardiologist this morning.    

He said although Mom doesn't have any major cardiac issues, there are secondary issues that make surgery moderate-high risk for her: the anemia, her weakened condition, and her age.   

He also stated that "quality of life" is the bottom line, and that can only be determined by the patient.  

Not repairing the injury will leave Mom with limited use of her arm, and probably increasing pain.  As I've stated before, the head of the humerus is slipping off its shaft - or as the surgeon described it, "the ice cream is off the cone." 

So, we talked a bit about the risks of doing nothing vs. the risks of surgery.
Mom wants the surgery.  So, we will support that. 

We all love her cardiologist, Dr. J., and her primary care physician, Dr. R.  The surgeon, Dr. B., seems equally knowledgeable and kind.  Appears we have a good team.  Once Mom has recovered from the bronchitis, we will schedule a surgery date.  

Whew.  There's been a lot of information to think about this week, this month.  More than once, we thought we were headed in one direction, and events took us in another.  And then another.  Or back again. 

It's times like these, I say to God:

1.  I'm so glad nothing surprises You (like it does us.)

2.  Thank You for knowledgeable and personable doctors.

3.  I'm so glad You're God, and I'm not.

Our daughter, who's in formation to become a Catholic, Salesian Sister, emailed me some stunning photos this week of recent weather in New Jersey.

The Salesian co-founder is St. John Bosco, and here is a picture of his statue sprinkled with fresh snow. 

So beautiful. 

I like to think he's praying for all of us...and especially, at this time, for Mom. 

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