It's a Bug (Mom's Rehab - part 4)

My, oh my, the surprises that greet us every day. 

Mom's hoarseness/cough/phlegm is bronchitis.  And conjunctivitis.  

Therefore, the wonderful Dr. R. said that humerus surgery will have to wait.  

Which is probably OK at this point, because Mom is pooped.  Another week or two to rest and rehab her legs should do her good.  

We still need cardio clearance as well, which will not happen for another week or two, as Mom's cardiologist is booked until then.  

So, we're on to Plan B.  Or maybe it's Plan C at this point.  Anyhoo...it's good to be flexible. 

Which is probably one of the best lessons I've learned from my parents.  We're so flexible now, we look like pretzels. 

I know these cookies aren't pretzels.  

In fact, they don't have anything to do with this post.  

I made them last week (new recipe from a niece), and I thought they turned out great.  I don't have any exciting pictures from the last two days because we've been falling asleep in doctor's offices.  

So, a plate of cookies works for me. 

Hopefully, Mom will have a few quiet days without any new rabbit trails.  

Keep the love and prayers coming...

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Anonymous said...

Respiratory disease runs rampant in rehab center - phlegm at 11.....