Freezer Buns

I save beef / chicken broth after I've roasted an animal, or part of an animal, for my carnivore husband.  Then I freeze the juice in a Ziplock baggie for future use.  

Recently, I made the mistake of tossing a broth bag in the freezer before it was cool. It wrapped itself around the grid shelf and froze in place.

I had to practically disassemble the freezer to get the thing loose.  

You don't see the problem here...

But, on the flip side...

Good grief.  

All I could think was - a broth bag wearing a thong. 


And I couldn't get it off.  It was frozen solid to the grid and to itself.  

So I laughed hysterically and took a picture.  It seemed like the thing to do. 

Then my husband suggested I run hot water over it to free it from its misery.

Which I did.  And dinner moved forward. 

But, oh my, what a sight.  :-) 

Just had to share...

(p.s.  I'm still chuckling.) 

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