Mom's Rehab (part 1)

Mom is now at Life Care Center rehabilitation facility.

Here she is arriving in her pumpkin coach with her prince waiting to greet her... 

Her gown is white cotton by Blanket de Hospital.

Here she is in gown #2 (same designer) in her new Life Care Center room...

Now the real work begins.

Mom will have PT and OT at least once a day, maybe twice, depending on her energy. 

We have a family meeting with her medical team tomorrow to learn more.

In the meantime, Mom has settled in.  

Fresh linen, snacks, and water are available in every hallway, so family can grab whatever their patient needs at any time.  

This is a great idea, as it limits our need to pester the nurses unless someone falls out of bed. 

Unfortunately, Mom can't hear any better on her Life Care phone than she could the hospital phone.  Cards and letters might still be the best way to send your love.

Off to the races rehab! 


terri said...

They sure look happy in that photo!

Cindy said...

Hey Mare, Everyone looks like they have good spirits. My mom is talking about returning to Florida.