Mom is moving to rehab today! 

We thought it would be yesterday, but in hospitals, things run slower than cold molasses, so it's today.  

Her legs are clot-free and her hemoglibin Hgb is steady.  (Thank you, dear nurse-sister-in-law, who informed me of the correct acronym.)

I'm hoping my next post will contain a few pictures of Mom in her new environment. 

Yesterday afternoon, the wonderful Dr. R. stopped in to sign Mom's release papers and bid her adieu.  He will see her once a week at Life Care Center.   

Here he is, hovering beside his grateful patient.

We can't say enough about this sweet, thorough doctor. 

He is the primary care physician for both Mom and Dad, but also makes time for me, when I have questions about their care.   

I'm going to bake him some cookies.  

Thank you to all who have prayed, sent cards, called, and sent love Mom's way.  

Hopefully, at the rehab center, there will be a better phone system, and Mom will be able to converse with loved ones by phone whenever she wants to. 

I'm so grateful we are moving to the next phase of Mom's recovery.  

Since Mom has been hospitalized, the brother of a friend, and a cousin's son have passed away.  My sister-in-law's father has been seriously ill.  Japan has suffered a devastating earthquake/tsunami.  

This life is but a brief snapshot of time.  I need to remember this, and give hugs and smooches to those I love every day.  

Consider yourself hugged and smooched. :-) 

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terri said...

I hope she can get to the phone @ Life Care.
Thanks, Mare, for everything!!!!!