Mom's Rehab (part 2)

Exciting things are happening at Life Care Center rehab. 

Mom is up every morning, getting dressed and getting wheeled to breakfast.  

Then to the "gym" for PT and OT.  She's also learning to write with her left hand.

Yesterday, we experienced the "shampoo cap" for the first time. 

It's a quirky little hat filled with soapy lotion that you rub into your head.  When you pull the hat off, your hair is wet, but not soapy.  

You look like a wet rat, which Dad thought was a hoot, and worth recording.  

You towel your head dry, and there you go.  Clean, beautiful hair.

Mom said it felt wonderful.  Here's her finished "do."  

Oh well.  Maybe we'll get the hang of it. 

Mom's Hgb continues to hang in the high 9's, which is good, considering what she's been through.  

And brother Phil has arrived! 

He always adds new life to any situation/chaos/party, and we're all glad to see him.  I pray his sweet wife, who is tending to her ailing father, will have an uneventful week while Phil is gone.

The wonderful Dr. R. will be in to see Mom on Friday and I hope to get a detailed progress report then.  

Thanks to all who prayed and sent good wishes the past two weeks.  It was quite nutty/draining/worrisome there for a while.  

(Thank you, dear hubby, for your compassionate and generous heart.) 

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