Dropping Some Fat

I have a great meatloaf recipe that is full of pork fat, cow fat, cheese fat, and mayo fat.   It's delicious, thank you very much, Paula Deen.   

I normally bake this 2-pound fat concoction in one loaf pan.  But I always wonder if it's done in the middle, because it's one hunk of meat.  

Last week, I decided to split the fat between two loaf pans, ensuring thorough cooking and minimizing cook time.  

So we could ingest the cholesterol sooner.  

It worked beautifully.

I pulled out the first loaf pan and transferred it to the cooling board with my silicone potholder, which my husband calls the Gator Grip...  

...and promptly dropped the pan into the dish water.  

The pan sizzled, and the suds gushed in as the pan sank in a cock-eyed fashion.   

I swooped it out, but it was too late.  All that yummy fat...ruined.

In a wild and harebrained moment, I wondered if I could squeeze dish soap out of ground meat. 

My husband entered the kitchen at the moment and paused.  "What is that?"

"Meatloaf with dish water," I replied.

He thought about this.  "Is that what we're having for dinner?"


He didn't even look fazed.  "Hhmm.  Can't you just rinse it off?  It'll be OK."

We hate to waste good fat.  

I pressed my hand against the meat and turned it upside down over the sink to let the dish water spill out.  The loaf broke apart and plopped in the sink like canned dog food.  

It was disgusting.  I won't even post a picture of it.   

I've never dropped meatloaf in the dish water before.   I blame it on the Gator Grip.  Which, apparently, isn't that gripping.  

It works great with a cookie sheet, broiler pan, hot plate, trivet.  Any item that slides into it horizontally. 

Loaf pan?  Not so much. 

Just so you know.   In case you have a Gator Grip.  

Don't let your fat go down the drain. 

p.s.  I used a dish towel to remove the second meatloaf from the oven.  How nice that I made two, instead of one.  Sometimes I just luck out. 



Anonymous said...

Just a couple of thoughts:

First, I used to be a "Hunk of Meat" - then I got old...

Second, some of us use the word "Flavor" in lieu of the word "Fat"...

Third, the dishwashing fluid in the sink was "Dawn", which I figure if it's good enough to soak up the gulf oil spill, it should render the meatloaf fat-free, thereby making it more healthy than the one that wasn't dropped in the sink...I'm just sayin',

Marianne (Mare) Baker Ball said...

HA! If only Dawn could remove ALL fat from everything...wouldn't it be a perfect world?

Sister Brittany said...

So Sara and I saw this and thought of you:
Sr B

Marianne (Mare) Baker Ball said...

Thank you! How cute is St. F deS in felt! I don't know why his hair is green, though. I love the little feather pen. Adorable!!

Sherry said...

Gripping story! Come over to my house and have somem Dawn soup! We'll go out in the yard and pass some bubbles, then watch the fat drip off!