I was escorted to the Brevard Symphony Orchestra yesterday by my favorite man who is not my husband.

We were given tickets to Mendelssohn's score to "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by my siblings and their spouses for Christmas.  

Dad, a practiced and gifted pianist, was excited about the performance.  Since his stoke, he has lost  (in his mind) the ability to play well, and it makes him a bit sad.  

I think he still plays beautifully, but to his finely-tuned ear, it's not the same.

Beautiful music brings a tap back to his weakened left foot.

While I watched the musicians tuning up.....  

...Dad studied the program.  

He told me all the best classical musicians were from Germany.  Dad's German, so he's proud to make this point.
He read the bio on Mendelssohn and the featured soloists.  Prepared to be enthralled.  

Music transports him.  

I love this picture...

A tender moment came when, before the show began, the director asked all to stand for the singing of the National Anthem.  The artists not playing came to their feet and faced the flag.  

Placed hands over their hearts.  Along with Dad and me.  

It was awesome.  

Dad is a veteran, and my husband is retired Air Force, so we have a soft spot for this particular tune.  When it's played...or sung...by professional musicians...brings tears to my eyes.   Every time. 

The show included snippets of ballet and recitation of lines from Shakespeare's play.  But mostly, it was music.

Sweeping violins and French horns.  Majestic trumpets.  A choir and a stellar soprano in a sparkly, amethyst gown.

Talented, disciplined musicians who shared their exceptional gift with us on an otherwise ordinary Saturday afternoon. 

Thank you, thank you to all musicians everywhere who bring music into our lives. 

And especially to my Dad, who, for all of my life, has brought it into mine. 


terri said...

Beautiful, Mare! I also love the pic of Dad reading program.

Sherry said...

Having just lost my Navy Veteran dad last year; this story brought tears to my eyes. You know how I feel about your parents (my extended family). I'd love to hear your dad play the piano!