Happy birthday to Phillip!
who lost his favorite pug pup      
He weathers life's pace
with unflagging grace,
always half FULL is the cup

Phil loves God above all
He helps the tall and the small
He lives the Good News,
(even wearing clown shoes)
He'll help you up, if you fall

Family is clearly his heart
Mary, and three sons, to start
Rae, Jay, and Hannah
Round out the clan-a
with Maddy, the granddaughter part

Phil is a fixer and doer   
handy with old, and the newer
He builds and he paints
works hard, never faints
For things to do?  He'd like fewer

Phil works close with the Navy
in still water, or wavy
His engineer mind
(the arc-second kind)
is, to his colleagues, good gravy

Phil is an awesome brother 
I'm glad we have the same mother
He listens and loves
treats all with kid gloves
For a BIG laugh, there's no other 


Love you, Phil!  Happy Day!



terri said...

Happy birthday, Phil! What a true limerick ~ especially the BIG laugh part!

Unknown said...

He will love this. Thanks...