MISSING LOST (to fellow LOST fans)

I still miss LOST.

Television viewing is just not the same.


I've checked out other shows, but nothing seems as real.  It's nutty, I know.  LOST had smoke monsters and time travel and dead people who kept showing up again.

But, the characters...they carried the day.  And the show.

I miss 'em.

Hurley's sweet nature.  Sawyer's sarcastic wit.  Jack's noble, but human, heart.  Feisty Kate.  John Locke.  Both of them.  Even psycho Ben.  *sigh*

I miss that emotional connection with characters who visit me weekly.  For some reason, GLEE doesn't do it for me (no offense to Gleeks.)

There are a few dramas that are interesting, but I'm not sure I'll tune in every week...

PRIVATE PRACTICE is basically a medical a soap opera, but I tried it because I like Tim Daly. I wanted to see if he could play anything other than Joe Hackett from WINGS.

He can.  However, I still keep hoping to see Helen pop up from behind a lunch counter, or Brian saunter in with a harebrained plan to get some woman to go out with him.  

BLUE BLOODS is a show I turned to because it stars Tom Selleck (formerly MAGNUM P.I.) as a police commissioner.  The guy is 65, but is aging nicely. 

This drama is about a family of police officers.  An endearing aspect is that they are Catholic.  On occasion, they are seen in church, or getting counsel from the local priest.  They eat together weekly and always say grace.  A nice touch in TV land.  So I try to catch that one.

I think Sellek should drive a red Ferrari, though.

Which brings us back to MAGNUM P.I., which was filmed in Hawaii....

There's a new show called HAWAII 5-0, a remake of the '60's series.  And, oh my gosh - it stars Daniel Dae Kim - from LOST!  And it's filmed in Hawaii - as was LOST!
Kim plays Chin Ho, but to me, he will always be Jin.  Running around in the jungle.   Looking for Sun.  I can still see their hands floating apart in the water...


I'm still amazed that Daniel Dae Kim speaks perfect English, with no accent, as he was completely Korean on LOST.  Filming again in Hawaii, I wonder if he ever gets confused: "Who am I chasing again - the drug smuggler, or Locke?"  

It would be a BRILLIANT move for the HAWAII 5-0 producers to create a guest spot for Yunjin Kim (Sun.)  Viewers would SHRIEK when Chin Ho asks her, "Have we met?"

Holy Moley!  Time travel, all over again. 

I missed The X-FILES when it was done.  But I moved on.  I've had trouble doing that with LOST.  I loved those characters; they were superbly acted, so well-written.

I'm looking for my replacement.  Just one good show I look forward to every week.  A fluffy robe, cup-of-chai-tea, escape-for-an-hour adventure. 

I thought THE EVENT might be it.  But...no.   Another plane anomaly with weird stuff that follows.  Copy-cat.

Is anybody else still in mourning?  If so, what are you watching?

(May 2014 Update:  I heard LOST might be turning soon, in some format.)

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