Jeremy & Chrystalle Engaged! (a limerick)

Our first-born son is engaged!
His search for "the one" is now caged
He wanted a wife                              
who would light up his life
She does that - in real, and on stage 

Chrystalle's a true Irish girl
with green eyes, and red locks that curl
She'll tell you things straight
she'll be a strong mate
In Jeremy's eyes, she a pearl

They're artists at heart, these two
whose jobs are just what they do
He handles the pills
She handles the bills
Performing is their preferred view

She acts and sings, and can dance
He sings with much the same stance
They're using their gifts,
they don't jump from cliffs        
For bands, their favorite is Pants

Baseball's their game, they're big fans
They catch every play that they can
The Sox and the Nats,
(they'd carry their bats)
Her gave her the ring in the stands 
Happy tears.   :-) 
Her “yes” was instant – no stall
It was fun receiving that call
We’re happy for you!
You’ll soon say “I do” –  and
we’ll have our own Chrystalle Ball    :-) 

                                           The end.

       Much love to you both!   See you tomorrow!


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terri said...

Great, Mare!!!!! I really like "the ring in the stands" & "we'll have our own Chrystalle Ball"