There’s a sweet woman named Betty Ball
She really is not very tall

She loves to eat bread,
stores her specs on her head
She turns 39 every Fall 

Betty likes to play Bridge
If she cheats, it’s only a smidge
She has lots of rings,
and a flower that sings
There are magnets all over her ‘fridge

Betty is full of grace,
welcomes all into her place
Keep your words sweet,
(or else be discreet)
or you’re likely to hear “Shut your face!”

Betty knows all about pills
She has something for all of your ills
Take “C” for this,
Take “E” for that,
and put on a sweater for chills

Her grand kids, she’s always kissed
When away, they are surely missed
They live everywhere, 
but she won’t despair
All their heads hang on her wrist

Betty is so young at heart
Her heart is her very best part
She’s kind as can be
You meet her – you’ll see
You’ll love her, right from the start.

Betty on my wedding day
The End.
Happy Day to my favorite mother-in-law, who is a second mom to me.  :-)  I love you!

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terri said...

Great limerick, Mare. She's a keeper!