Thirty-five years ago
I married my high school beau
It's been a wild ride,
We've laughed and we've cried,
we've never been rolling in dough

Thirty-five years of "I do"
Sometimes we didn't - but knew
our vow was our path
It's spiritual math...
God makes one out of two

The Air Force flew us around
Eight times, a new home we found
Germany - nice
Italy - twice
We settled on Florida's ground

In Maryland, Jeremy came
In Michigan - Sara Jane
Idaho's crop - Zach's 10-pound drop
(my bladder has not been the same)

The nest is now empty we see
We're back to just Bob and me
We snooze, and we creak,
sometimes we leak
We love "buy one, get one free."


With crackly joints, and some grays
it's whole wheat and fish oil these days
We started a spark
that bloomed our Ballpark
For all this, we give thanks and praise. 

The End.


terri said...

Mare, you should write a book of Limericks!
Congrats, to both of you!
Love, Ter

S. said...

Cute, mama bear! Did you have brownies? Did you get the night off cooking? Glad to see G-pa's eyeball surgery went well. Love you. Thank you for being and staying married. Card is on its way somewhere! Sorry about the delay.

Love you!