15 Shades of Gray - part 5

I got my hair cut this week for the first time since I've been allowing my wisdom highlights to grow out.

If I turn my head to the left a bit, they're not too noticeable.  If I zoom into the mirror and check the top of my noggin....yep, there they are.

Still not crazy about the gray streaks, but I have to admit...it's not turning out as awful as I first imagined.

I colored my hair for twelve years, and the greatest trepidation about stopping was facing the natural (at this point) unknown color.  How gray was it?  Would it be more silver?  Would there be any brown/black tones left?  What the heck color was my hair anyway?

Now I know.  I'm happily surprised to see I'm not as fully gray as I expected.  Not that it should matter.  I'm doing this so I can face, and accept, whatever color my hair is.  It would have been fun to discover my hair was really fuchsia, but that didn't happen.

I'm also finding the hairs at my hairline are still mainly dark.  The hairs at my nape are mainly dark.  The top of my head, towards the back, is the lightest.  Maybe that's my halo sprouting.

As I get my hair trimmed, more of the dye job will disappear, and the wisdom highlights will become more dominant.  That's when I'll really know how this new do will fit my pale face.  AUGH!

So, I'm coming along on this journey of giving up the bottle.  Encountering other women who have done the same is inspiring.  Like Stacey.

I met her at the hair dresser's; she just received this cute cut.  She started dying her hair in her 20's.  She's delighted to be done with it.  "Go for it!" she said.  Her husband encouraged her, she told me.  I love stories like this!

While I'm waiting for my wisdom highlights to fully appear, I'm working on a few other things.  I cleaned out our son's old room, which had become a dumping ground for stuff I didn't know what to do with.  After a trip to the thrift shop with things I decided I could part with, I set up a crafting area.  Storing my various crafting supplies posed a problem.  I went to the thrift shop in search of a bookcase, and I came home with this.

A changing table!  It stores everything beautifully, and I can wheel it next to the table where I create masterpieces.  I love it.

The best part is that it was only $16.00!  Sometimes I hit a home run here in the Ballpark.

How's your week been?


Andrea said...

I was expecting your hair to have more gray. I love that you are freeing yourself from the dye!

Great find and set up on your caddy there!

Mari said...

I thought your hair would be more gray too. You and Stacy look great!
The changing table is perfect!

Juli G said...

Your hair looks great! I also love when I find just the right thing at the thrift store. Now if only I could find that perfect sleigh bed...

Chatty Crone said...

I have to agree - I was expecting a lot more gray - you have baby gray - now I have real gray - lol.

Kenya G. Johnson @ KenyaGJohnson.com said...

Mare - you'll say "Oh hush" but I'll go ahead.... I found two gray hairs last week. Add that to my one - I now have a confirmed three. There's probably more but I gasped like there was a bug in my hair. For a few minutes I thought about rushing to Walgreens to get some hair color and then I thought better about it. I hope I can be disciplined enough not to start as you have been about growing yours out.

Lov the changing table idea. Mine is long gone to repurpose it for anything.

Rita said...

You have tons of dark hair under there!! I bet you are going to love having your own hair back. I used to dye mine years ago and it changes the texture and everything. It is looking good, girl!

And the changing table find will work super! Especially because you can wheel it around to where you are working. Cool! :) Have a great week.

Pam Williams said...
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Pam Williams said...

So nice that you found such beautiful hair underneath! And I love what you did with the changing table--that makes a perfect cart for your crafts! See--you really are getting wisdom hair! LOL!

Cathy said...

I think your hair looks good. I really like the hair cut and the gray is nicely sprinkled around.

What a great idea for storing your craft supplies!

Cranberry Morning said...

Wisdom highlights? That makes me one of the wisest women around! Lol. Looks great.

Danielle L Zecher said...

You really don't have much gray at all! I'm 32, and I think I have about that much if I don't color. You look great.