Happy Birthday Mary! (a limerick)

My brother’s wife is named Mary
She’s never, ever contrary (!)
Her birthday’s today
Whoo-hoo! Time to play
Eat M&Ms and be merry!

Mary has four little lambs
They all enjoy crab meat - not clams
Her kids are now grown
From her coop, they’ve flown
(One of them is quite a ham)

Mary has great nursing skills
She listens to all of your ills
She comforts and prays,
gives God all the praise
In spite of life’s many hills

Mare likes the beach in the summer
Too much rain is a bummer
She’ll shop ‘til she’s pooped,
doesn’t like to be cooped
For fun, she might drive a hummer

Mary’s heart is pure gold
It’s helpful and playful – not old
Her shoulders are screwy
She just says, “Oh, phooey”
For her, nothing’s on hold

Mare loves a Coke and a movie
That’s a hard word to rhyme,
Blessings to you, Mare!
Sleep in, paint your hair
Love from the Ballpark – you’re groovy!

The End.


Unknown said...

Thanks so much Mare, I love it! You are the best of all the rest...

terri said...

love it! especially the ham and the lambs!!!