Easter Leftovers

I took a lot of pictures during Easter week. 

Jesus and His Peeps took precedence Easter morning (click here if you missed them.)  Those little, felt action figures made my day.

But, these moments were great too.

1.  A good friend stopped in to see the folks at Mom's rehab.   She's a massage therapist and medical assistant who has an alter-ego that shows up every October (click here to meet Scary Sherry.)

2.  Our son and daughter-in-law visited the weekend before Easter with hugs and tiny Easter baskets from Hobby Lobby.  They craft their own greeting cards, which are wonderful...

How cute is that?   Here are the card artists with my sister and Dad...

3.  A white Easter banner replaced the purple, Lenten banner at church.  My photos don't do the banners justice, they are so vivid and breathtaking (click here  to see the purple one.)

4.  We had Easter lunch with Mom at the rehab center, where Dad scarfed up three desserts:

German chocolate cake (already gone, the scraped-clean plate on the left, in the back);  strawberry ice cream (partially gone);  a chocolate bunny that is, at this point, a shell of his former self.   His ears were consumed before lunch.
I cannot tell a lie.  I helped on that one.

Here's what Mom had for dessert...

...which is why she weighs 116 pounds, and we...do not. 

5. Mom and Dad with their four-wheelers...

...and two hands.

6.  The hyacinths in Mom's room were in full bloom.  Another reminder that beautiful, fragrant things can emerge from wormy, smelly dirt.

So, Happy Easter again.  May we keep the spirit alive all year. 

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