USEFUL IDEAS (with a hair dryer)

I learn so many things during the A-Z blogging challenge.  Stuff about germs and crafts and how few words start with Q.  One cool thing I discovered this time around was this:

USES for a HAIR DRYER - almost 50 of them!

Jillee from ONE GOOD THING posted this recently, and I thought it was great.  My favorite uses are drying your toothbrush before packing it for travel, and softening plastic eye glasses for making a few adjustments yourself.

Here's another cool idea - coil up a too-long cord.

Neat, huh?

Check out the site and see what tip is your favorite.

This A-Z post was brought to you by the letter U and Jillee from ONE GOOD THING.


Christine said...

I can't get over how clever people are.

Kate said...


Andrea said...

Such cool ideas!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Some bloody great ideas some of which I have thought of myself I use to blow dry Kathy's bottom when she was a baby as she would get really bad nappy rash