Germy Things

G is for Germs.  In my a-z blog hopping this week, I ran across this from Kimberly at A Mom's Point of View.

The top 10 germiest places:
  1. Remote Controls (I don't even want to think about it.)
  2. Grocery Carts (use those wipes at the entrance!)
  3. Toilet (no surprise here)
  4. Door Knobs (just imagine)
  5. Refrigerator Handles (I often find peanut butter on mine.)
  6. Counter Tops
  7. Light Switches
  8. Water Fountains (don't think I'll drink from these again)
  9. Doctor Office Pens (ACK!)
  10. Restaurant Pens (Ewww...how many times I've signed off on the check with the restaurant pen!)
I think of the TV character Adrian Monk, who was obsessive/compulsive about germs, and I'm thinking the guy was not such a kook after all.

You've been warned.

This post was brought to you the letter G, the number 10, and Clorox.



Karen Mortensen said...

Just makes me want to go and touch something. Ha ha. That is a darling idea for the remote.

Anonymous said...

Now I need to go wash my hands. I think I've touched nearly all of those at some point today! Of course working where I do, I wash my hands about 60 times a day! ♥ it

Andrea said...

Exactly! Time to wash my hands as well!

Unknown said...

Hahaha. Great post. I enjoyed the last sentence :) especially the clorox. Thanks for the info.

Mari said...

It all builds your immune system! :)

Rita said...

...and Clorox--ROFL! ;)

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Yeah some things have so many germs it freaks someone out which is why I like to spray my toilet and toilet sink with Glen 20 a few times a day

ErraticElle said...

Time to start carrying my own pen pretty much everywhere... Elle @ Erratic Project Junkie

Paula said...

When I was in nursing school we did germ collections in a bathroom. We made swabs of all the different places one would expect the most germs. Then transferred to a petri dish. The germiest spot in the entire bathroom was the door handle on the way out! Ew!!