Snippets from the Dugout. And Donuts.

I've been in the dugout for a few weeks.  Writing, reading, and more writing.  I'm taking a marketing/publishing class, which is excellent, but time consuming.  I'm realizing how little I know.
In the meantime, my dad has been in the hospital for a bad UTI, then rehab.  He's doing very well at the moment and will be home Thursday.  I thought we might have a glitch in that plan when he fell in the restroom of a large medical facility a few days ago.  I suspected there was a problem when he was in the restroom for fifteen minutes.

I finally asked a man going in the restroom to check on Dad.  I heard Dad's voice the minute the man opened the door.  Together, the stranger and I spotted Dad's shoes poking out from under a stall door.  He was OK, just sitting on the floor after slipping in his transfer from toilet to wheel chair.  "I can't reach the door to unlock it," he said, and I had to smile.  He was just waiting for someone to come in and find him.

I went to the information desk for help and within minutes, nurses came.  Somebody slid under the stall door, freed Dad and settled him back in his wheel chair.  He wheeled out looking a little sheepish.  I was reluctant to let him go behind all those closed doors by himself (he's supposed to have assistance with EVERY transfer), but he insisted he could handle it.

We both learned something.  I decided, when he's with me, he's not going in the bathroom alone again; he decided when he's alone in the bathroom in the future, he won't lock the door.   It's clear we're not on the same page. 

Parents.  They have a mind of their own.

The government partially shut down today, and so far, my life feels the same.  I know there are organizations that are not open today and that affects people who work in those places.  I hope the Hatfields and McCoys start working together soon, because it's not fair to all of us who pay their salaries.  Maybe it's just me, but I don't like paying for things that don't work like they're supposed to.

Has anybody seen the new show Hostages?  Oh my word, I can't write or fold clothes or even munch on chocolate chips while I'm watching it.   It's full of suspense and twists and cute Dylan McDermot.  Although, he's a bad guy.  I think.  As we learn about his past, it's getting murkier.  Check it out, Monday nights on CBS.  Be there or be square.

I'm thinking about Christmas already, because I'm writing a book about Christmas.  And giving.  And partridges and hens and pipers and drummers.  It's very noisy in my head.  Is Christmas on your radar yet?

If not, here's a picture to get you in the mood. 

What Christmas carol item is this?   Hmmmm....


Paula said...

We need more family type bathrooms so that we can go into the bathrooms with our loved ones and help them. While at the doctor's last week I had my granddaughter stand guard at the door while I took my husband into the womens bathroom. He didn't much like being in the ladies room but what are we supposed to do? Glad your dad wasn't injured

Jaime said...

I'm glad that your dad is okay. I wish every elderly person had a daughter like you.

Mari said...

Glad your Dad is ok. Those kind of things can happen so fast and a small fall can have far reaching repercussions.
Now I want to know what the donuts mean!

Retired Knitter said...

This post made me smile. It seems that all aging parents have similar issues. And from that we can assume that we will walk the same path. Lessons all around

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I am thankful your Dad is ok and doing better now. I wonder if your picture has to do with the 12 days of Christmas...Just thinking.

Michael Ann said...

I'm also glad that your dad is ok. I'm sure that was a little scary.... your dad cracks me up though. You are a good daughter. A book about Christmas sounds lovely.... I love Christmas books and have a small collection. :-)

Rita said...

Sounds like my dad's kind of logic, too. I'm glad he was okay, though.

All I could think of was Five Gold Rings--ROFL!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Ok first let me say your dad properly doesn't want you to help in go to the toilet and who can blame him, but I get why you would be worried it is good that he wasn't hurt when he had his fall.

Next donuts I know what Krispy Kreme donuts.

Yes I am thinking about Christmas already only sent the girls a text last night asking if I gave the boys books with their names through them to them last Christmas, I did so that idea has been blown oh well good think I checked.

Joanne said...

We have been dealing with caregiving for both sides of our family...my mom and my mother-in-law. Sometimes it can be soooo frustrating when our parents refuse help. I get it though. They were the nurturers its hard to turn that around to let others take care of them. Hope your Dad feels better. Good luck with the new book.
ummm....donut picture---five golden rings?
Blessings, Joanne

Unknown said...

Glad your dad is ok. I can so picture the two of you debating over his next trip to the bathroom.

As for Christmas, I'm the annoying sister who already texted her other sisters the countdown, a reminder of who is trading with who (we rotate) and already started my shopping.

(Don't be impressed with the shopping. It's out of necessity because of my husband's current contract job he will likely be unpaid for the last ten days of the year so we're trying to spread the expense just in case.)

Unknown said...

Sorry dad fell Mare but glad to hear that it wasn't to serious. I think we all as care givers all hold our breaths when we hear the word "fall" and our elderly parents in the same sentence.

My mom has an en suite bathroom at her house with no door. When my cousins built an addition to their house for my aunt the removed the b/r door and put up a privacy curtain in its place.

All doors removed in their B/R's after their first falls..

I think Paula is brilliant, family restrooms are a wonderful thing in public venues!

Marianne said...

You're lucky I have a krueller in my hand.