Beach Girls

I'm at the beach this week with some women friends, and I'm experiencing/learning some wonderful things.

1.  I'm living in a house just yards from the beach, where not a car engine is heard, and the waves lull me to sleep.

2.  I saw horses yesterday strolling on the beach, just like my sister and I were.  LIVE horses.  On the BEACH.  I didn't have my camera at the time, but got pictures later of their footprints in the sand. 

How cool is that?  I wonder which house they're staying in.
3.  I'm writing without interruptions.  I stop only when I can't move my legs anymore. 
4.  I'm sleeping in a king size bed with my sister. There's room for two other people in the middle.
5.  I've washed dishes only once in four days.    
6.  Brownies are available after every meal.  Sometimes brownies are the meal.
7.  There are women who stay up to 'til 3 a.m. to finish a 500-piece puzzle.  I don't get it, but God bless 'em.      
8.  At the beach, a wardrobe consisting of a bathing suit and PJ's is really enough.
9.  In a house full of women, the TV is rarely on.  Nobody cares.
10.  There's a toilet here that whines after it's flushed.  Poor thing must be tired.   
11.  Fruit smoothies are better in martini glasses. 
12.  Remember to take off the watch before entering the hot tub.
13.  Women can laugh about everything.  And nothing.  In fact, nothing's even funnier.
14.  Food tastes better if you didn't make it.  I don't care what it is.
15.  It's OK to take a nap after you just got up.
16.  Hair spray is a total waste at the beach.
17.  At 3 p.m. it's time for chocolate.  
18.  We can't remember what day it is.  And we're OK with that.
19.  I'm getting so relaxed and ploppy, I'm beginning to repeat myself.  I'm getting so relaxed and ploppy, I'm beginning to repeat myself.
20.  I'm so doing this again next year.


Jaime said...

Sounds wonderful. I miss girl time. If you ever come to St. Augustine, let me know. I think that we could hang out:)

Mari said...

Lucky you! Spending time with girls is so much fun!

Christine said...

Your trip sounds glorious!!

Paula said...

I am so green with jealously. Sounds like just what I need right now. Have a blast!!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do love the beach but rarely get there. Glad you are enjoying yourself. It would be a great thing to do.

Rita said...

Sounds deliciously sublime! :)

Juli said...

Wait... brownies aren't a meal? Maybe that's why you can only fit ONE person between Tony and I in a king sized bed. :)

Unknown said...

Speaking as "one of the girls" for your last 3 1/2 days - it WAS wonderful there on the island!
It was so much fun meeting you! You are a great cook and i got so many great ideas from you.
I am enjoying your blog - have read a bunch of past ones and also the items under all of your headings.
Take care,
Lisa : )

Hope to see you again one day - perhaps at the BEACH again?!

Lynn Proctor said...

sounds totally blissful--so glad you had such a nice get-a-way :)

Marianne said...

Wait! You forgot to pack MEEEEE! Looks awesome, Mare.