Wrapping it Up

Here I am at the end of my "29 Valentines" list.   If you're still reading, thanks for joining me on this little journey.

The 28th valentine in my life is this fabulous plastic wrap.

Apparently, it's been around awhile, but, as usual, I'm behind the 8-ball on all the cool stuff in town.

This wrap is wonderful.  It's stronger and easier to manage than any other plastic wrap I've ever had to fight with.  It comes in a box with a slit in the lid that keeps the wrap from drawing back onto itself.   The box is part of what I love about it.

Some cling wraps don't cling worth a hoo-ha; others stick to the point where you can't unwrap the cookie; still others won't come out of the box without electricity pulling them back to the roll.  In general, I think plastic wrap is a pain in the patootie. 

Stretch-tite is different.  It clings to itself when you want it to and lifts away when you want it to.  It does what plastic wrap is supposed to do: behave.   I very much appreciate this.

And lastly - but really firstly and primarily - my Number 29 Valentine makes the previous 28 possible.  For, every good thing comes from above.

My Number 29 is Christ.  The Heart of all hearts. 

Because of Him, I know what true love is.

I know what mercy is.

I know what healing is.

I know what peace is.

I know what freedom is.

He is the greatest Valentine of all. 

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