Heart of Gold

Outside of family members, the person I see most often is my parents' primary care doctor.

Mom and Dad both have quarterly check-ups with him.  In addition, within those quarters, there is usually a fall, a medication change, a bug, or a rash that warrants an extra visit or two.  If either parent is hospitalized, I see this doctor almost daily.

I feel like he's part of the family.

If anybody is gift to my heart, it's this physician. 

He monitors Dad's heart.  He monitors Mom's heart.  He reassures my heart.

When we leave a message with his answering service, he returns the call within ten minutes.  Regarding the folks, he's talked me through insurance worries, moving worries, and surgery worries. Often, on a weekend.  He taught me how to listen to lungs with the stethoscope, so I can check the folks for "crackles" and pneumonia.  He answers everything I ask him.  

His heart is calm and gentle and humble.  He has a wife and two young daughters who don't see him enough because he is such a dedicated physician.  He told me once that when he is home, "it's all about the girls."  You don't see that much anymore.

I made apple dumplings for him and his staff after mom's shoulder surgery.  On our next office visit, he apologized for not getting a thank-you note written.  I told him a thank-you for a thank-you is not necessary.  He still looked a little sheepish.  You don't see that anymore either.

The wonderful Dr. R. has been a valentine to our entire family for three years.  Mom and Dad trust him with their very lives.  If Dr. R. says it, it's the gospel truth.  I expect him to be in our lives until Mom and Dad are gone.  

And then...we'll miss him, too.

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Anonymous said...

...and then, it'll be our turn to be his patients...