Expressions from the Heart

I love great photographs.   

I have boxes of minimally organized pictures in our TV cabinet, and when I sit down to look for something, hours can go by, because I get caught up in remembering.  We don't have much real art on the walls of our home; we have family pictures.

So many of our pictures capture my heart and transport me back to the moment.  Two of my favorites involve weddings.  These pictures could be Valentine's day cards. 

The first one is of our youngest son and his bride - I call it Overboard. 

Not your traditional wedding picture.

She is genuinely terrified she's going over the rail.  He is genuinely calm and mischievous and OK with her thinking she's going over the rail.

It's funny and beautiful and very much who these two are.   She is enthusiastic and refreshingly transparent.  He's background support, and plots quietly.

I love this picture because it's spontaneous and true to character.  She's holding on for dear life, and, in spite of appearances, he's saying, don't worry.  I gotcha.  

Today is their third anniversary. 

My other favorite picture was taken on our wedding day.  I call it Are We Done Yet?  This was a posed picture, but turned out to be spontaneous. 

Don't they look happy?   So pleased to be dressed up and repeatedly asked to stand still for pictures.

The four-year old boy is a child I was babysitting at the time.  The three-year old girl is our niece. They performed very well that day.  Carried the ring and the flowers and were cute all day, even here.   This picture was taken at day's end.  He's ready to get out of that tux, and she's sending a clear signal that she's done posing. 

He's now a married psychologist with three children; she's a married cancer survivor with two boys.  I will always appreciate their contribution to our wedding and this priceless picture taken 37 years ago.

Some of the best Valentines are photographs, because you can relive them any day of the year.   

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