Cows and Pizza (18 &19)

I like cows.

They move kind of slow and lumbery, and I can relate to that. They always seem to be munching and are very generous with their dairy products. They're kind of stinky, but they often live with pigs, so it's not entirely their fault.

I saw a cow in December that I fell in love with.

Who wouldn't love this face?

Ms. Bossy is a salt shaker that was a memento from our niece's wedding.  Ms. Bossy brought her own bottle to the event.

It dispenses pepper.

At the reception, they were a very popular couple.

Other people wanted to take them home, but Ms. Bossy and her sidekick wanted to move to Florida, so I won.  I love them because they are adorable and not stinky.   They remind me of my niece and her new groom. 

Not literally.

Ms. Bossy is always smiling.   Although, she did think she looked too heavy in this picture and asked me to take a side shot.  Like any female, she wants to look as slim as possible.

 Oh yes, much better. 

Ms. Bossy and her sidekick are charming, miniature valentines that grace our dining room table. (Ms. Bossy's hometown is Pier 1 Imports, if you'd like to look up some of her relatives and invite them to live on your dining room table.)  They look very small in comparison to the massive valentine pizza that I've been eating a lot of here in the Ballpark.    

This has become my favorite pizza.  It originates from Rachel Ray, but we altered it a bit.   Our daughter made it the first time, and I've coerced her to make it just about weekly since.

We make our own crust (easy), then top it with roasted butternut squash, radicchio, purple onion and cheese.  I can't get enough of it.    

If you have to have red sauce, or meat, you won't like it.  You can order from Pizza Hut.  

If you'd like to try it, here's the link to the recipe with more mouth-watering pictures: SQUASH PIZZA  

It's different and savory and delicious.  

Ms. Bossy loves this pizza as much as I do.  Not because she's ever eaten it, but because this pizza makes her butt looks small. 

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Anonymous said...

Seriously? Squash Pizza? Next thing you know, we'll be having FISH SOUP!!! Better ingredients (sauce, pepperoni, sausage) - Better Pizza...