Update on Papa Bear

Day four in the hospital.

Papa bear and Granddaughter bear

Dad is stable, but restless.  The stress test that was scheduled today did not occur.   It should take place tomorrow morning. 

Dad had some PT today, and the therapist suggested that Dad might need to go to rehab before heading home to Southland.  I'm hoping he can get the therapy he needs at Southland.  He will rest better at home, and he and Mom will be together.  We'll see what the wonderful Dr. R. thinks.   Dr. R. also wants a therapeutic coumadin level before Dad can be released.  Currently, its a bit low.  That will probably take another day or two.

The good news is that the neurologist has ruled out any new stroke event.  In fact, all the tests done so far have been normal.

There is speculation that this recent episode might have been an anxiety attack.  Dad has not been feeling well for a couple weeks.   The neurologist explained that when the system is weak or compromised for any reason, symptoms from his old stroke can reappear.  Of course, this is frightening, so Dad becomes tense.  This makes breathing difficult, which limits oxygen and can cause naseau/weakness.  Add another trigger - like a painful and protracted blood draw - and the body reacts.

We don't know yet, for sure, but if the stress test is clean, Dr. R. will lean towards anxiety.  Which is, really, good news, because that is manageable. 

So, we wait.

In the meantime, Dad had a good visit with our daughter last night.  She greased him up with Cetaphil, which he said felt wonderful.   These two are like peas in a pod. 

My husband visited him tonight and took him a strawberry milkshake.   

And Janey baby is back on his table tray.

So, I think Dad would say life is tolerable. 

Mom is doing fine on her own.  She got some new PJs yesterday.  And new hearing aids today.  She finally got the last of her Christmas cards mailed out, so she's back on schedule, after fighting off the gut bug.

As I was out all day, our daughter, who worked all day, but got home before I did, made her yummy squash pizza again.  I got a picture of the whole thing this time.

My husband was leery, then ate three pieces.   You can't judge a pizza by its lack of tomato sauce.

More updates as they date up.


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