Fits and Misfits

Dad is back in the Rehab Adventure!

Dad moved to Sea Pines rehab yesterday and is eager to get started.  He'll have both PT and OT.  He's been at Sea Pines before, and it's a good fit for him.  Here he is in his new room.

Our daughter is showing him the visual journal she's been working on.

Mom is managing OK without him at home.  It's times like these, when one is away, that I'm so grateful they moved to Southland.   The one holding down the home front is surrounded by a caring staff, and life feels fairly stable. 

I snapped a picture of Mom in her fancy new PJs the other night.

The PJs looked blurry, but Mom didn't, so I got a close-up of the pattern.

And they looked even blurrier.

On closer examination, I realized the fabric itself is blurry.  The hearts have fuzzy edges, even though you try to blink them away.   If you stare at them, you get dizzy. 

These are Vera Wang PJs that were originally forty bucks.  They were on sale for seventeen, probably because people who looked at them too long in the store fell over.

I had a coupon, so I got them for eleven dollars.  Mom likes them because they are cozy and warm, but they might be a hazard.  When Dad comes home, they might make him more wobbly than he already is.

I unknowingly purchased another goofy item last week.

Sheets were on sale at Target.  I can always use sheets, so I bought a satiny queen set.  Because we live in sunny Florida and never see things like snowmen and ear muffs, I'm a sucker for patterns like this...

These were only five dollars, so I grabbed them.

When I attempted to put them on our bed, the fitted sheet didn't fit.  It was clearly a twin size.

I checked the package; clearly said QUEEN.

I was disappointed, but realized I could use them on the twin bed in the guest room.

I made up the guest room bed yesterday.  The fitted sheet is definitely a twin.  When I flapped the flat sheet over the bed, it hung to the floor on both sides of the bed.


I checked the tag on the corner of the sheet: QUEEN. 

I checked the tag on the fitted sheet:  TWIN.

I pulled the pillowcases out of the sack.  There were two.  With the way this set was slapped together, I was expecting one.  Or three.

Anyhoo...we now have snowmen in two rooms.  The guest bed has fitted snowmen and flat white sheets; our bed has blue fitted and snowmen flat sheets.  Each room has a snowman pillowcase.  I hope all the snowmen don't miss each other. 

If Mom, in her blurry PJs, sat on a mismatched-sheet bed, it would probably give you a headache to look at them.  

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