HOME RUN Wedding (part 2)

Our son has been married for four days.   His new title is "husband."

Our daughter-in-law's new title is Chrystalle Ball.

No kidding. 

Here's the moment the new titles became effective.


Our son and his groomsmen wore compfy shoes for the event.  

Awesome and amusing choice.  Perfectly color-coordinated.  

And hour later, the newlyweds were doing this....

(which I suspect was more enjoyable in compfy shoes)...and playing with these....

Zany fun.

We're eagerly awaiting the professional photographer's photos, pictures that I'm sure will make me well up more than these do.  A new family has begun.

Another Ballpark has been established.

To the newlyweds:  May the road rise up to meet you, and may the home runs be many. 


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