HOME RUN Wedding (part 1)

I've been emotional this week.

Our first-born was married in Arizona on Saturday, and my heart is still swooning, flip-flopping, aching (a bit.)  Weddings are just so monumental.

Here's my thinking: even though your first-born is 34, he's still your baby until he marries.  Then, he's a grown-up.   This makes sense only to a mother's heart.

The photographer at the wedding was wonderful, and I'm sure her pictures will be beautiful.  But we don't have them yet.  So, I'm posting some of our non-professional, grab-the-camera-fast, from-a-distance photos because:

1.  I just keep looking at them.
2.  Any wedding photos are better than no wedding photos.
3.  I just keep looking at them.

From our first batch of photos, I think this is my favorite.

Happy, happy faces.  I'm so glad you're mine.  I'm so glad the bride's maid dresses got in on time.  I'm so glad it's over. 

Our son and new daughter-in-law are baseball fans like nobody's business.  The creative touches at their wedding/reception were remarkable/adorable/perfect.  Pick a word.

Like the baseball "roses" in the flowers made from real baseball leather and lacing.

My corsage

Bride's bouquet (Redskins colors)

The flowers will wilt away, but the leather roses will stand the test of time.

New baseballs also graced each table at the reception (regrettably, we didn't get a picture of those), along with a thin, black Sharpie.  Guests passed the ball and wrote their messages of love and good wishes.   A wonderful memento for avid baseball fans like the bride and groom.

When disagreements arise, they can grab a ball and play a game of catch while they hash it out.  And remember that marriage takes teamwork; nobody gets to hide in the dugout.

The bride performs in musical theater and seemed not one whit nervous being on stage all weekend.  From what we witnessed, she was composed and beautiful.

Our son was equally relaxed.   He seemed more than tickled with his new jewelry. 

The cake was spice and red velvet layers adorned with the most original, imaginative fondant. 

The topper was tops.  Such beautiful detail.  Truly, the cutest cake I've ever laid eyes on.   And baseball cupcakes to boot!

Guests crowded around this creation for ten minutes, snapping pictures. Absolutely delightful

So many blessings over the weekend.

So much laughter.

So little sleep.

It was wonderful. 

More ramblings to come.  In the meantime, look at these smiles....


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Where was the corsage purchased. I an a high school senior and am trying to find one for prom. Thanks,