Hurricane Irene is whipping up the Florida coast as I write.   Looks like she's going to just tease Florida and then whollop North Carolina, Virginia, and New York.

Right after they've had an earthquake.

It's just not their week.

Nor my brother's, the ex-clown.  He's in Florida for the week working at the Cape, and he's had some surprises: 

1.  He was expecting me to treat him to a mahi-mahi sandwich at our favorite fish joint as soon as he arrived.  This was his second "prize" for winning my "Fancy-pants" giveaway.  (He wasn't that excited about Coldwater Creek coupons, which were first prize.)

When we arrived at the restaurant, we discovered it was closed.  Not just closed, as in "after hours", but closed as in this...


We didn't believe it.  We kept peering in the windows and yanking on the door, thinking maybe people were just in the back.  With the lights off.   

We were beyond disappointed. 

I offered to take him someplace else for dinner.  But equivalent to Hurricane Grill.  He suggested a higher-end grill, then offered to treat me because my birthday is coming up. 

I relented.  If he wanted to buy his own prize, who was I to stop him? 

Here he is after we stuffed ourselves silly.

These are pre-Irene waves. 

2.  He's been working 16 hours days.  Good grief. 

3.  He's due to fly home to Maryland on Saturday morning.  Exactly when Irene is predicted to blow in.  He might not get out of here.  He was stuck in Florida last winter due to snow, and he's not looking forward to that experience again. 

So, because he's my favorite ex-clown, and he's had an exhausting week, and I owe him something, I'm going to bake him a cherry pie.

Not the same as Coldwater Creek money, or the best fish sandwich in Florida, but a fair attempt to reward the winner of my first contest.  (Pioneer Woman never has this problem.)

The ex-clown has decided Ballpark contests are a bit screwy.   The first prize may not be something you even want, especially after you understand what it is.   You might end up paying for the 2nd first prize.  The 3rd first prize might be darn tasty, but you have to fly out of state to get it.   Who has time for such nonsense?

I'm going to tell him to read the fine print next time.

Good night, Irene.


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Anonymous said...

I love cherry pie! That is a wonderful first prize. Beats womens clothing and closed restaurants any day.