In May, when I visited our daughter in New Jersey, her hair was long enough to do this.

Unbraided, it was halfway down her back.   Her beautiful auburn-y, copperish, golden mane is one of her gifts.

She's now home in Florida for awhile.  One her fifth day home, she donated 8 and 1/2 inches of this beautiful hair to Angel Hair Foundation.

This organization crafts wigs from donated hair for kids with cancer or other hair-loss conditions.  Click on the link and see some touching, bald head 'before' and 'after' shots. 

Our daughter was tired of her long hair, because it was thick and hot, and she'd been growing it out for two and a half years.

I never get tired of it because I love to braid it and style it, and it's not fastened to my head like it is to hers.  She gave me five days to say good-bye, and then it was see ya later, alligator. 

My sweet hair stylist chopped the length and then shaped the remaining mass.   I'd never seen a ponytail free from its head before.  

Cool.  But kind of weird.

Once the hair was short, it sprang up into loose curls in the back.   And looked dark.  No sunshine had yet touched those hidden tresses.

Once the hair-shaping was finished, my girl succumbed to having her eyebrows waxed.  Eyebrow work is something she generally hates more than eating tomatoes (which she despises), but the stylist had the wax machine plugged in before my daughter could claw her way to the door. 

The end result of all the hair removal was beautiful.  We went to McDonalds to celebrate.  Big spenders, we are.

It warms my heart to think of sick youngins who might benefit from our daughter's lovely locks. 

This short new do is also timely, as she's just begun work as a substitute PE teacher.  Today, she did lunges and push-ups with elementary school kids.

She also dealt with a second-grader who got a bloody nose because she wouldn't keep her finger out of her nostril.   Who has time to mess with long hair when you have those kind of responsibilities?

God bless youngins everywhere, healthy ones and sick ones.  Ones with hair and ones without.  

May angels watch over them all.

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